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August 17, 2019
I have eaten in this restaurant before and it is good. The takeout we had tonight was not. Really substandard Chinese food. Chicken with red pepper and cashew was bland. Spicy green bean was not spicy. Even the noodles - their specialty was not up to par. Disappointing. An off night?

April 06, 2019
V good

March 09, 2019
We love this place!

January 21, 2019
I ordered a lot of dishes, and some I got are not the same as what I ordered.
I ordered fried tofu with beef, it comes in mapo tofu or diced tofu with hot sauce.
I ordered grilled chicken with pepper (the picture shows grilled big size of chicken) it comes in chunk chicken dish with another sauce.
I ordered fried noodles (looks thin like vermicelli), I got a thick type of noodles.
Only the beef dish, corn chicken soup, fish dish and rice, are turned out as what I ordered.
I can understand that maybe they run out of supply, but they could have told me for the changes. That will be much nicer and appropriate instead of no notifications and I got surprise at home when I open the boxes.
The taste are ok though.

November 04, 2018
Order was not correct and late. We had to wait for missing food and half food was cold. Very disappointed

October 20, 2018
We ordered four dishes. None of them resembled the dishes in the online photographs. The wonton soup had oversized wanton and not enough broth to cover them and make an adequate ‘soup’. The fried noodles showed the skinny chow mein noodles but we got wide cut noodles that were over cooked and stuck together. The “fried” shrimp with cashews and green beans and peppers in the photo arrived with shrimp half the size, barely steamed and was paired with diced cucumber and lukewarm. Very disappointing. Finally the sweet and sour pork was quite good but could have used more sweet and sour sauce to cover the rice. After I received the order I called to ask about the discrepancies and was merely told that the website was done by someone else and they weren’t responsible. Adding insult no compensation was given other than, “I’m sorry”. Basically so sad, too bad.

August 21, 2018
Great service! Great food!

August 19, 2018
Absolutely horrible service. Went to order To Go and waited at the cash register to order. I left without ordering after waiting 15 mins. That's ridiculous! I was the only person at the till.
3 separate employees walked by me and I told them all that I wanted to order To Go. All acknowledged me but immediately left me at the till. They all came back to register to fill water and tea cups, and to pack up orders but they all ignored me and didnt make eye contact unless I persisted. 5 different people came up to pay and each of the employees rushed to help them pay but ignored me standing right beside the credit card machine. I was asked to move out of the way each time.
Their food is not worth the humiliation and blatant rudeness of their service. Pick somewhere else to spend your money and time.

April 13, 2018
Have ordered online a number of times, Perfect each time..

Love to Eat in here too, its great Noodles and Dim Sum.. Ginger Beef Rocks my world !!

February 24, 2018
Our family had been there a few times. The food and service are nice. We'll go tomorrow again.